The SMBA honors our members who are serving and have served our country.

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Angela Acree, Air Force, E4, 1979-1983

David Anderson, Air Force, 1950-1954

David Appleby, Army

Ron Baird, Navy, 1967-1971

Robert Barney, Army, Captain

Duane Benton, Navy, Captain, 1972-2002

Joe Bohrer, Air Force, Captain, 1964-1967

Don Bonaker, Army, Sp 3, 1954-1956

James Bowles, Air Force, Lt. Colonel, 1969-1993

Gary Brewer, Air Force, Sergeant, 1974-1978

Newton Brill, Marine Corps

Robert Bruer, Army

Leland Bussell, Navy, Ensign

Joe Carmichael, Navy

Craig Carter, Army

Bill Clampett, Army

Dan Conklin, Army, 1st Lt.

John Courtney, Army, Captain, 1964-1966

John Crow, Army JAG Corps, Captain, 1959-1962

Jay Cummings, Army, Medic, 1970-1974

Gary Cunningham, Army

Andy Dalton, Air Force, JAG Corps

Ralph A. Downs, U.S. Army 1970-1973

Don Duncan, Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1957-1961

Tom Dwyer, Navy, WWII and Korea
James Eiffert, Army

Doug Evans, Army, JAG Corps, 1970-1974

Steven Fenner, Navy Reserves, LN2, 2001-Present

Thom Field, Army Artillery, Captain

Tom Fowler, Air Force

Doug Fredrick, Army Reserves, Captain, JAG Corps

Leland Gannaway, Army, Captain, Vietnam

Fred Hall, Navy, Seaman-1st Class, 1945-1946

Sam Hamra, Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1954-1956

Don Harmening, Army, Vietnam

Justin Harris, Army Reserves, 1991-1996

Arthur Haseltine, Navy JAG Corps,
Lieutenant, 1971-1974

William Hass, Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1962-1964

Mike Held, Army, Captain, 1991-2000

David Holden, Army, Sergeant, 1954-1955

Calvin Holden, Navy, 2nd Class E 5, 1972-1974

John Holstein, Army Reserves

Mitchell Hough, Army, Non Com, Korea, 1952-1953

Bruce Hunt, Air Force, 101st Airborne Division

Robert Ingold, Marine Corps

David Inmon, Navy/Marines, Lieutenant/Sergeant, 1966-1972/1994

Darryl Johnson, Army

George Johnson, Army, Spec. 4, 1966-1968

David Jones, Army, Lt. Colonel, 1956-1988

Mike Jones, Army, 1st Lieutenant, Infantry, 1968-1970/Vietnam 1969

Robert Jones, WWII

James M. Kelly, Army, Captain, 1971-1981

Paul King, Army, Spec. 5th Class, 1969-1970

Bruce Kirby, Reserves

Paul Kirk, Army, Sp4, 1961-1964

Lincoln Knauer, Army, Captain, Artillery

Bill Lawrence, Army National Guard,
Specialist, 1988-1994

Robert Lewis, Army, Spec. 5th Class, 1969-1971

Gerald Liljedahl, Army

Max Lilley, Coast Guard, Lieutenant, WWII

C. Dudley Martin, Army Reserves, Six Years

Frank McClernon, Air Force, 1962-1967

Bruce McCurry, Army Reserves, Specialist 4th Class, 1969-1975

Steven Meier, Army, 1975-1979

James E. Miller, Air Force JAG, Captain, Vietnam

Kerry Montgomery, Marine Corps

Fred Moon, Army, Captain

Joe Morrissey, Marine Corps, Sergeant, 1965-1967

Gary Nelms, Army, Armor Branch, Captain, 1965-1967

James Newberry, Army, Officer

Tom O’Neal, Army

John Parrish, Army, Captain, Field Artillery

J. Daniel Patterson, Army National Guard, Major

Matt Placzek, Army, 1963-1966

Dan Ramsdell, Army, E5, 1971-1977

Paul Reichert, Army, 1967-1971

Kenneth Reid, Army, 1st Lieutenant, WWII

Ted Salveter, III, Marine Corps

Wesley Sanders

John Schmidt, Army, Lieutenant

Matthew Sims, Air Force, Staff Sergeant, 1992-1999

Kenton Slankard, Army/Air Force

Clif Smart III, Army, 1986-1990

Gene Smith, Army, Colonel

Martin Spiegel, Air Force, Captain, 1965-1970, Vietnam

Chris Stark, Army Infantry, Lieutenant, 1969-1999

Robert Stillings, Army, Captain, 1974-1978
Arthur Stoup, Navy

Tom Strong, Army, 1955-1957

J. Miles Sweeney, Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1967-69/ 1Yr Vietnam

Terry Tolbert, Army Reserves JAG, Captain

Robert Torp, Army, PFC, 1977-1981

Ben Upp, Army Reserves

Ted Von Willer, Navy

Bryan Wade, Army

Dee Wampler, Army

Buell Weathers, Army, Technical Sergeant, 1943-46/WWII

Henry Westbrooke, Army, Major, 1958-1960/Reserves-1970

Rodric Widger, Army, Captain, 1974-1980

Robert Wulff, Army, 1956-1958

Carl Yates, Army National Guard, Legal Specialist, 1966-1972

Remembering the service of our recently departed members:

Richard Dorr, Air Force, Lt Col, 5 Years Act/15 Reserves, JAG

William Mauck

Ransom Ellis, Jr., Air Force, Major, European Theater
Almon H. Maus, Army/Air Force, 1st Sergeant, WWII


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