LRS: 2016 Top Volume
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2016 SMBA Lawyer Referral Calls

Top Categories by Call Volume

Civil Litigation: State 909
Family: Custody/Support 609
Real Estate: Tenants Only 410
Healthlaw: Medical Malpractice 365
Employment: Employee 350
Criminal: State 308
Family: Divorce 248
Debtors: Consumer/Debtor Rights 241
Social Security Disability 236
Civil Rights 190
Injury: Personal Injury 135
Business: Disputes 112
Estates: Guardianship 112
Estates: Probate 100
Insurance 98
Real Estate: Disputes 98
Injury: Accident (auto) 88
Traffic 75
Workers Comp 74
Employment: Wrongful termination 73


 Number of Calls Divided by Number of Panelists

In the following categories we have a high call volume an relatively low panel enrollment

Real Estate: Tenants Only
Healthlaw: Medical Malpractice
Civil Rights
Civil Litigation: State
Family: Custody/Support
Debtors: Consumer/Debtor Rights
Employment: Employee
Criminal: State
Injury: Product Liability
Employment: Wrongful termination
Education: Elem-Secondary
Social Security Disability