SMBA Member Veterans
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We salute these SMBA members for their sacrifice and service. Please email with any additions or corrections to this list.


Angela Acree

Air Force, E4, 1979-1983


David Anderson

Air Force - 1950-1954


David Appleby

Colonel, Army of the US (Retired)


Ron Baird

Navy, 1967-1971

Duane Benton

Navy, Captain, 1972-2002


Joe Bohrer

Air Force, Captain, 1964-1967


Donald Bonacker

Army, Sp 3, 1954-1956


Gary Brewer

Air Force, Sergeant, 1974-1978

Bob Bruer



Leland Bussell

USN Discharged 1947


Joe Carmichael



Craig Carter




Dan Conklin

Army, 1st Lt.


John Courtney

Army, Captain, 1964-1966


John Crow

Army JAG Corps, Captain, 1959-1962

Jay Cummings

Army, Medic, 1970-1974


Gary Cunningham



William Dalton

Air Force, JAG Corps


Ralph Downs, III

Army 1970-1973

Don Duncan

Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1957-1961


Tom Dwyer

Navy, WWII and Korea


James Eiffert



Douglas Evans

Army, JAG Corps, 1970-1974

Justin Evans

USAF/ARNG - 8 years total


Steven Fenner

US Navy Reserve (IS1) 2001-Present


Thomas Field, III

Army Artillery, Captain


Jennifer Fields

U.S. Army 2001 - 2004

Joe Flees

U.S. Army 2009-2013


Tom Fowler

Air Force


Douglas Fredrick

Army Reserves, Captain, JAG Corps


David Fromme

USARMY 1965-1969

Leland Gannaway

1966-1969 Captain, US Army, Vietnam


Fred Hall, Jr.

U. S. Navy, Seaman-1st Class, 1945-1946


Sam Hamra

Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1954-1956


Art Haseltine

Navy JAG Corps, Lieutenant, 1971-1974

William Hass

Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1962-1964


Calvin Holden

Navy, 2nd Class E5, 1972-1974


David Holden

Army, Sergeant, 1954-1955


John Holstein

Army Reserves

Bruce Hunt

Air Force, 101st Airborne Division


Robert Ingold

1972-1994 USMC & USMCR - Retired Judge Advocate, Lt Colonel


George Johnson

Army, Spec. 4, 1966-1968


David C. Jones

Army, Lt. Colonel, 1956-1988

Mike Jones

Army, 1st Lieutenant, Infantry, 1968-1970/Vietnam 1969


Paul King

Army, Spec. 5th Class, 1969-1970


Paul Kirk

US Army 1961-1964


Link Knauer

Army, Captain, Artillery

Gerald Liljedahl



Max Lilley

Coast Guard, Lieutenant, WWII


Dudley Martin

Army Reserves, Six Years


Frank McClernon

Air Force, 1962-1967

Bruce McCurry

Army Reserves, Specialist 4th Class, 1969-1975


Abram McGull, II

United States Navy, Commander 1991-2012


James E. Miller

Air Force JAG, Captain, Vietnam


Kerry Montgomery

Marine Corps

Fred Moon

Army, Captain


Gary Nelms

Army, Armor Branch, Captain, 1965-1967


James Newberry

Army, Officer


Tom O'Neal


John Parrish

Army, Captain, Field Artillery


Daniel Patterson

Army National Guard, Major


Dan Ramsdell

Army, E5, 1971-1977


Paul Reichert

1967-72 (69-70 Combat Eng'r. Platoon Leader RVN)

Kenneth Reid

Army, 1st Lieutenant, WWII


Theodore Salveter, III

Marine Corps


John Schmidt

Army, Lieutenant


Matthew Sims

USAF, Staff Sergeant, 1992 - 1999

Kenton Slankard

Army/Air Force


Clifton Smart, III

Army, 1986-1990


Gene Smith

Army, Colonel


Martin Spiegel

Air Force, Captain, 1965-1970, Vietnam

Chris Stark

Army Infantry, Colonel, 1969-1999


Robert Stillings

Army, Captain, 1974-1978


Tom Strong

Army 1955-1957


Miles Sweeney

Army, 1st Lieutenant 1967-69/1Yr Vietnam

Terry Tolbert

U.S. Army JAG Corps - Reserve


Robert Torp

Army, PFC, 1977-1981


Ben Upp

Army Reserves


Ted Von Willer


Bryan Wade



Dee Wampler



Buell Weathers

Army, Technical Sergeant, 1943-46/WWII


Henry Westbrooke

Army, Major, 1958-1960/Reserves-1970

Rodric Widger

Army, Captain, 1974-1980


Robert Wulff

Army, 1956-1958


Carl Yates

Army National Guard, Legal Specialist, 1966-1972


David Zerrer

Army/Mo. National Guard