The 1217 Project
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The 1217 project is a community redevelopment initiative, extending legal access and information to fortify individual self-sufficiency, assisting at least 800 individuals living in Springfield’s Zone One during the projects 4-year implementation. The project has four programming spokes:

  1. ShowMe Prosperity - Legal Literacy Workshops. Quarterly workshops for residents of Zone One (up to 50 per workshop) with one hour of basic instruction followed by a meal and individual consultations with volunteer attorneys. Topics cover legal issues that impact economic independence and family stability, the negative consequences of which contribute to the cycle of poverty, diminish financial independence and prevent family stability (housing law and home ownership, consumer issues, employment, criminal forgiveness)
  2. Legal Beagle Book Club: Conducted quarterly during adult workshops in lieu of unstructured childcare and include a read aloud, discussion, games and activities. Every child will be given a copy of the book and be encouraged to share what they learned with their parents or guardians.
  3. The Lawyer is In: Legal Wellness for Nonprofits: Bi-annual workshops to support nonprofits working on improving the lives of Zone One residents
  4. Law Review for Reverends: Resources and Referrals for Your Flock: Bi-annual workshops for faith leaders providing a broad overview of potential legal issues encountered by parishioners in distressed neighborhoods.

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