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Legal Services of Southern Missouri

provides free legal assistance in civil (non criminal) cases. Representation is limited to individuals that meet case type and income eligibility

Missouri State Public Defender

provides free legal representation to indigent defendants charged with crimes. To receive representation clients must meet income eligibility standards and complete an application.

The Missouri Bar

online free legal answers.

Missouri Attorney General

The Missouri Attorney General Consumer Protection Division investigates consumer complaints including identity theft, home repair and auto sales complaints. The office also handles the No Call list. Consumer hotline complaints can be completed on-line or by calling (800) 392-8222

American Bar Association

To find a lawyer outside the state of Missouri contact the American Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service.

Find a Local Lawyer

The SMBA Lawyer Referral is a public service to assist individuals in finding lawyers. It is the decision of the lawyer to take your case, however if they agree to consult with you, by participation in this service, they will charge no more than $100 for the first 30 minutes of consultation.