Love Them Don't Leave Them Wondering
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Project Goal: To distribute and assist in the completion of 1000 health care directives by Valentine’s Day 2006. 

Project Description: The project Love Them, Don’t Leave Them Wondering, was designed to assist individuals in understanding and completing medical directives, so that in the event of a medical emergency, their loved ones and care providers would not be left wondering about the patient’s wishes. The project concept was unique in that it sought not only to provide forms and information on health care decisions, but to go further and give step by step, in person, instructions on completing the forms and to provide notaries and witnesses to assist in executing the documents. The foundation developed a presentation, conducted training for attorney volunteers, and produced clinics held at libraries, churches, civic organizations and businesses throughout Southwest Missouri. The first clinic drew a standing room only crowd of 240 people at the Library Center. The project’s goal to facilitate the completion of 1000 health care directives in 13 months was reached in only four months. 

Project Impact: Over 1,000 adults in Southwest Missouri received forms and instruction facilitating the completion of over 1,000 Health Care Directives. It is difficult to quantify the real impact, which is measured when loved ones, faced with difficult and heart-wrenching health care decisions, have had direction, and not been left wondering, about the wishes of the patient.  In 2010 the project received the Excellence of Public Service Programming Award from the National Conference of Bar Foundations. 

Project Partners: SMBA, KY-3, Springfield-Greene County Library District, The Missouri Bar, SALSP- Springfield Area Legal Support Professionals.