Fairbanks AD: Advisors and Advocates
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FairBanks Ad: Advisors and Advocates

Fairbanks AD: Advisors & Advocates

Fairbanks AD is a project collaboration of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Foundation, the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, and the Fairbanks. The Fairbanks is a previously abandoned school in the most distressed quadrant of our community. But the Fairbanks is not a building; it is a vision to build a community that improves the quality of life for residents of Grant Beach Neighborhood. Multigenerational poverty has resulted in a cycle in which residents have the potential to be employed and improve their lives, but lack the resources and social capital to remove barriers to stable employment and stable lifestyles.

Fairbanks Advisors and Advocates is an opportunity for young lawyer members of the Springfield Bar to provide residents of the Grant Beach neighborhood with advice and resources, giving them the opportunity to resolve conflict and overcome legal and administrative impediments currently preventing economic security and family stability. Volunteers will triage issues and determine next steps to help residents navigate obstacles and when appropriate, to refer cases that can assist in obtaining legal forgiveness.

Fairbanks Advisors and Advocates will meet quarterly in 2016 on the following dates: Feb 11, May 12, Aug 11, Nov 10. Five lawyers volunteers will attend each session, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Volunteers will join residents for dinner and get acquainted in a casual context. Following dinner there will be simple/ brief presentation on a substantive law area. Following the presentation they volunteers will be stationed at five different tables and make themselves available for individual consultation with residents.

Volunteer for Quarterly Clinics All Positions Filled!  Thanks Volunteers!

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